For Natural Persons residing in Peru who want to experiment in the crypto world with lower limits.



RequirementsPeruvian CitizensNon Peruvian ResidentsForeigners Non-Resident in Peru
Perform the verification by selecting one of the methods that appear on the screen (QR, SMS, Computer/ Laptop)
Full Name
Date of Birh
IDDNI Front and back

Immigration Card


Indicate if it is PEP

* For the identity confirmation photo: You must take the photo without covering your face, that is, your face can be fully seen, as shown in the following image:

When taking the photo you must:


  • Have adequate lighting, without shadows

  • The photo must be clear and the documents legible

  • Avoid the use of accessories that cover the face

  • Avoid covering the face with hair


*The photo must be clear and without any reflection or shadows in addition to the face of the User must be visualized in its entirety and it must not have any accessories such as glasses, cap or others.


Once I submit all my details, how long will it take for my Banexcoin account to level up?


Banexcoin must verify the information provided, once the process is completed, you will be notified by email about its increase or incidence in the verification process and depending on the demand for applications it may take a period of no more than 72 business hours.



Take into account the following when making a request for a level increase to avoid the waiting time being longer than necessary:


  • You must verify that the documents you are entering are those requested before pressing the send button, in order to avoid them being considered incorrect

  • Documents must be legible and their data must be clearly visible to prevent them from being considered incorrect

  • If your request for a level increase is rejected due to having incorrect data and it is requested again, you will have to wait an approximate time of 72 business hours or more depending on the  depending on the demand of requests that are queued to be processed