If you want to withdraw cryptocurrencies to addresses outside Banexcoin you can add them quickly and easily, for this it is necessary to have an approved client level.

Go to your wallet by clicking on the icon from the menu on the left of the page.

Click on the icon Send to open the cryptocurrency sending menu.


Then you need to click the button "Add an external address"

Then a box will be displayed where you must select the type of cryptocurrency, the Recipient's Name and the address of the same.

After filling in the fields with the name you want to assign to the wallet and the address as shown in the following example:

Then you just have to press the Accept button and it will be saved, so you can then select it in the "my external addresses" drop-down field and carry out your operations with it.

You will then be able to see the wallet you just added in the BTC Bitcoin shipping menu by displaying the "my external addresses" field without having to type it every time you perform an operation towards that wallet, which will allow you to save time and be more efficient at the time of carrying out your operations.