Always thinking of offering the best experience to our customers, we have included USD Coin (USDC) which is a stablecoin backed by Circle, thus facilitating the way to operate in Banexcoin.


Now in Banexcoin you can buy or sell USD Coin quickly and safely by exchanging them for bitcoin (in the BTC / USDC pair) or US Dollars (in the USDC / US Dollar pair). 


If you want to make a purchase with USDC, your Banexcoin Account must have available Dollars and follow the instructions below:

First you must enter your Banexcoin Account, and go to the Buy and Sell menu



Then you must click Buy and select the USD Coin / US Dollar pair. In this example we will buy USDC paying with Dollars (USD).



Select the amount to buy (you can do it in the predetermined amounts or by completing the field to indicate a specific amount), on the right side you will see the details of the operation including the commission (take into account that the respective commissions applied to the final amount to be obtained).


When you click on BUY USD COIN WITH US DOLLAR, a confirmation screen is automatically displayed, in which the order is detailed, after verifying that all the data is correct, you must click on Confirm Purchase Order.



Once the order is confirmed, it will be executed, thus crediting the amount of USD Coin (USDC) resulting from the purchase to your Banexcoin Account.



After that you can view your USD Coin in the Wallet menu, with them in your account you have the possibility to exchange them for other currencies or make a transfer to an external wallet.


The sale process of USDC / US Dollar and USDC / bitcoin is similar to the purchase process, for this you must have a balance in USDC or bitcoin depending on the pair you want to use and make the exchange by selecting the option in the "Buy and Sell" menu. "Sale".

-Keep in mind that the commissions are subject to change, so it is recommended to always verify them before carrying out each operation.