Before carrying out operations on the platform such as the purchase, sale or exchange of cryptocurrencies, it is necessary that you know the following:

What is a Client level?

The client level is the way in which clients are classified in Banexcoin. Each of them  provides benefits within the platform, when making exchanges, deposits and withdrawals with different limits. The higher the level of Client, the higher the allowed limits of exchange, deposits and withdrawals.

How do I get a client level after registering?

If you have residence in Peru

If you are peruvian (with your ID) or have peruvian citizenship (with a migration card) you can have access to the Explorer Level just by completing your registration and confirming your email.

If you do not reside in Peru

In case you are not a peruvian citizen or resident, after completing your registration, you must request the Amateur client level. You can do it by entering your Banexcoin account and following the steps that you can see by clicking here.

What is the Explorer level?

It is a level specially designed for those who want to start in the crypto world. It allows you to explore Banexcoin and operate with reduced limits. For acquire this level, you will have to provide Banexcoin the following information:

  • Username, Password, email

  • Country of birth

  • Country of residence

  • Number of valid identity document (DNI or CE).

What can I do at the Explorer level?

 At the explorer level you can operate with the following limits:

  • Up to USD. 100 or S /. 400 or equivalent amount in Cryptocurrency


American Dollar Deposit

American Dollar Withdraw

Peruvian Sol Deposit
Peruvian Sol Withdraw

Cryptocurrency Deposit

Cryptocurrency Withdraw

What should I do to increase these limits?

If you reached the limits of your Explorer level and need to continue operating, we have several levels that can be adapted to your needs. As you increase your client level, your limits will be higher.

If you want to obtain more information about limits and benefits click here.

Can I exceed the allowed deposit limit?

In case you make deposits that exceed the limits of the Explorer Level and you have not yet requested the level increase, the funds will be returned in a period of 24 to 72 business hours to the bank account or wallet of origin applying the corresponding expenses.