Sign in Process


Welcome to Banexcoin

Banexcoin is an Exchange platform aimed at the public interested in performing cryptocurrency exchange to expand their investment quickly and safely.

Before starting to make transactions on the Banexcoin platform you must complete a series of steps necessary to make your operations safe and reliable.

First, you must Sign In

Create your account is very easy, go to the Banexcoin page (, and click the button sign in


Fill in the fields properly: 

User: Identifier or alias of your account that you remember.

Email: With which we will contact you (the same can not be modified later).

Password: This must contain at least 8 characters between them:

  • at least one lowercase letter

  • at least one letter UPPERCASE

  • at least one number

  • at least one special character for example: ( " ) $ ! % * ? & # + - ¿ ^ @ ;

We recommend reading and then accepting the terms and conditions by checking the checkbox (to use the platform you must have read and accepted them, you can read them by clicking on them or you can click here).  Next, you must press SIGN IN button.

Once you had completed the fields required you will automatically receive an email to validate your action, then in this, you need to click on the “Activate your account” button to enter the Banexcoin platform.

Note: you can also check the spam, notifications, promotions or junk folder of your email in case you do not find it in the inbox

By clicking on the “Activate your account” button you will be automatically redirected to a web page that will show you the following screen.



¡Congratulations you have completed the Sign In process!