How do I withdraw my money in Soles (PEN) or American Dollars (USD) from my Banexcoin Account?

Withdrawing your funds is very easy, once you have entered your Banexcoin account go to your wallet by clicking on the menu icon  on the left of the page.


Click on the withdrawal iconof the type of currency you want to withdraw for Peruvian Soles, select PEN and if you want to withdraw US Dollars, you must select the USD currency.

Fill out the form carefully with the data required for the operation. If you want to indicate a special instruction, you must indicate it in the Comments field. Remember that you must have an affiliated bank account where you are the owner to be able to withdraw the funds.

When creating the withdrawal ticket you will receive an email in which you must verify the information and then verify the email by clicking on the confirm withdrawal button.

Then you will receive a confirmation message like this

Once you have confirmed your withdrawal, the Banexcoin team will validate the information provided and proceed to transfer the funds to your selected bank account, to know the estimated withdrawal times you can consult the following article by clicking here.


- The withdrawal and transfer of these funds may take up to 2 business days and is subject to operator review.

- Banexcoin is not responsible for transfers of funds made by the Client to addresses of cryptocurrencies not supported by the Platform, incompatible or with errors, regardless of whether they were deposits or withdrawals in any of the cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies authorized by the Platform and it will be the Client's responsibility to provide it with accurate, accurate and true information regarding any activity that it performs within it.