As a Banexcoin Customer you will be able to deposit your cryptocurrencies for free, for security reasons and in order to avoid double-expense risks, certain numbers of confirmations have been established depending on the crypto asset, these confirmations are nothing more than the inclusion of a transaction in a block included in the blockchain by the miners of these blockchain, each next block increases a confirmation for these transaction, as an example in the Bitcoin blockchain there is an average extraction time per block of 10 minutes, Banexcoin requires 3 Confirmations, therefore, the Customer will see in his accredited account the bitcoin that he deposited in an approximate 30-minutes period as long as they take 10 minutes to undermine the block, they may take longer being so we say that the network is experiencing high traffic which escapes under the platform control, In such case Banexcoin is exempt from any liability regarding this condition.




We remind you that:  In the case of withdrawals of soles or dollars, the amount received in your bank account may not be the same as the amount of the withdrawal due to commissions charged by the banks. Bank charges or fees are deducted from the withdrawal amount ordered by the customer and are not related to Banexcoin withdrawal fees.

Foot Notes: 

Approximate confirmation times are shown as execution times may vary depending on network conditions. Please note that the estimated time is the time in which the funds in your Banexcoin account are expected to be available and assume that your transaction has been confirmed in the first block after the transaction is sent. If your transaction was not confirmed in the first possible block, then it may take much longer depending on the network conditions at that time.

** This operation must be carried out by the holder of the Banexcoin Account to which the funds are directed and he must first assume the commissions made by the bank for the execution of the transfer and under no circumstances may they be transferred to Banexcoin,  otherwise, this operation will be reversed deducting the associated charges.

*** Additional charges that may be charged by the Bank to perform this operation are included.  The transfer times for fiat deposits or withdrawals are approximate and are expressed in working / useful or working time, depend on the processing times of the Banking Network and may be subject to review by the Bank.

Trading Fee

In Banexcoin you can use your funds to exchange to cryptocurrencies or fiat money, there is a “maker-taker” rate for all exchange operations which will depend on the volume you trade into your account during the last 30 days, while the more you trade the lower your rates will be, both fees are applied separately on each pair, that is, the operations carried out on specific pair only apply on the volume of that pair.

Applied to BTC/PEN, BTC/USD and BTC/USDC pairs

Last Update: Monday, May 20, 2024, Time 17:30 PM (GMT-5).

The commission tables shown here are subject to change without notice.

Note.- Banexcoin is not responsible for transfers of funds made by the Custumer to addresses of crypto assets not supported by the Platform, incompatible or with mistakes, regardless of whether they were deposits or withdrawals in any of the crypto assets as well as fiat currencies  authorized by the Platform and it will be the responsibility of the Customer to provide it with accurate, precise and true information regarding any activity that it performs within it.