In response to the growing concern of the international community about the problem of money laundering and terrorist financing, many countries around the world are enacting and strengthening their laws on the subject, adapting and endorsing the 40 recommendations issued by the Task Force Financial International (FATF) and Peru is no stranger to it.


Banexcoin as a member of the Peruvian economic system, declares its commitment in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, having established internal policies that lead to combat them, in order to prevent the incorporation, within its activities, of allegedly linked funds to money laundering and to finance terrorism, safeguarding its good image and reputation.


In line with the foregoing and in compliance with current regulations, Banexcoin has established Customer Knowledge mechanisms - KYC (Know Your Customer), as well as procedures for the Prevention of Money Laundering - AML ( Anti-Money) Laundering), which we apply before starting and during the business relationship, allowing us to identify and establish a profile of our customers. Therefore, we require the information and documentation that we have detailed in our platform for the different levels of clients, which must necessarily be provided, without them they will not be able to complete the acceptance process as a client.


In the development of the commercial relationship, as well as in the attention of any particular operation, Banexcoin may request additional information and documentation from the client, who undertakes to provide it, otherwise, Banexcoin reserves the right to maintain or not the commercial relationship with the client, in accordance with the provisions of our “Terms and Conditions”.


It is established that Banexcoin, in compliance with the rules on protection of personal data, safeguards the information and / or documentation provided by the client, under the guidelines of due reservation and confidentiality.