In case you have changed your Smart Phone or lost it you must recover your 2FA if you have saved your 2FA recovery code 

What is the 2FA recovery code?

In the case of Google Authenticator you have the option of obtaining a code that consists of letters and numbers with which you can activate your Banexcoin affiliated 2FA application on any other device with the Google Authenticator application installed, this will allow you to migrate from a device to another without worrying about the loss of your 2FA.

When should I request for it?

Although the 2FA recovery code is not used on a daily basis, you should request it the first time you activate your two-factor authentication application and keep it stored in a safe place, since in case the device where you have the active Google Authenticator is missing, you can activate it on a new device without so many inconveniences.

How do I get the 2FA recovery code for my Banexcoin platform?

To get the 2FA recovery code you must:

Enter the Banexcoin platform and go to the Banexcoin settings section:

On the settings screen you must click on the button "Recover 2fa Code"  that on center of the display 

You can automatically see the option of obtaining the 2FA recovery code in which you must enter the 6-digit authentication code that indicates your Google Authentication affiliated with your Banexcoin account (as it is used when entering the Banexcoin platform).

After entering the 6 digits that Google Authenticator indicates you can see your recovery code, which is composed of more than 50 alphanumeric characters.


What should I do with the 2FA recovery code?

This code must be stored in a safe place that you can remember and can only be accessed by you, as it will help you in the future to activate your  2FA if it has changed devices and you need to reactivate it.

Note.- The authentication code of 2FA (which consists 6 numbers) must not be confused with the recovery code of 2FA (which consists of more than 50 alphanumeric characters).

-It is necessary to verify that the date and time of your device are synchronized with the location where it is located to allow your 2FA application to work properly.