At Banexcoin your privacy and security come first, that is why we recommend below some measures to keep your account safe:

  • Make sure you are in Banexcoin: When entering Banexcoin, always verify that the page is, with a padlock, which shows that you are on a secure page. If you see another similar address but not exactly the same, please do not enter as it could put your Banexcoin Account at risk, once you click on login you will see the following in the address bar of your browser:


  • Create your account with unique Username and Password: We recommend that you do not let others carry out the creation of your Banexcoin Account for you !!!, do it yourself is very simple, use a username that you do not use on another web page and a password that is very complex for others but easy for you to remember, we do not recommend using your name, date of birth or identity document in any of these fields

  • Protect your personal access dataAt Banexcoin we will never ask you for your password or two-factor authentication code (2FA) by any means, these are your way to access your Account, keep them in a safe place away from the reach of other people. In addition, we will not request access of any kind to your equipment through any remote access software to offer you support or other activity

  • Activate two-factor authentication or 2FA: Two-factor authentication is very important, it offers an additional level of protection, being active will protect your account even when your username and password or your email are compromised, in the event that your email is compromised and an attacker requesting a change of your password will be able to do it but will not be able to enter your account since it does not have the 2FA required in the login of your Banexcoin Account