One of the things that you should know when operating with cryptocurrencies is that they, like any other important object of value, must always be stored in a safe place to prevent any possible incident, that is why the use of External wallets and that even using these, the practice of more complete security measures should be considered both to keep our cryptocurrencies well protected and not to end up losing access to them, for this reason we would like to offer you some recommendations that you should take into account:



Use a strong password in your wallet: a password can have several levels of security depending on the number of characters and its complexity, to consider a "Strong" password it must contain 8 characters or more (if possible more than 10) , contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, this would prevent the password from being easy to crack and give you more security.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):  even when we think we are protected by having a very good password, there is the possibility that it will be stolen in some way by people or malicious software, which is why it is always important to have a second "lock" at the entrance of your wallet and this is precisely what the 2FA gives you since at the moment someone else wants to try to enter without your authorization, even having your password, they would need to have a second authentication code which only you could have since it is generated randomly and you can see it through an app on your mobile device.

In the event that your wallet can be portable, do not use it on that are not trusted devices: there are wallets that have the option of being downloaded to operate in a portable way, this means that you can save it in an external memory device and use it in more than one computer for your transactions, the problem with the use of a portable wallet is that when inserting the memory device in another computer this other computer may contain malicious software that will infect your device and could affect the use of your wallet, you must be very careful when connecting any memory device to unknown equipment to avoid such incidents.

Make sure to keep the login credentials well in your wallet: wallets tend to have a fairly high security, because of that it is very difficult to recover a wallet if you lose your login credentials and the recovery options are very scarce, which is why it is recommended as well. make a backup copy of your wallet on more than one computer to be prevented, in case of not remembering the credentials you should only restore the saved copy and you will be able to continue using your wallet and also your cryptocurrencies stored in it.



The cold wallets as a safer option: the cold  wallets are an even safer option to save your cryptocurrencies to the end of operations with them, one of the forms of storage is keeping private keys in physical form (either printed or written) and the other is usb devices that allow you to store your crypto assets offline.


Although in Banexcoin it is possible to store cryptocurrencies, the main utility of this is that clients can carry out their operations in a faster way, however it is possible to extract them at any time to an external wallet when the client so wishes.