Banexcoin facilitates the exchange of different types of currencies within its platform, therefore, its clients can make deposits and withdrawals from or to external addresses and bank accounts, having the funds within of the same they have been exchanged; however, this does not mean that Banexcoin is precisely a Wallet service for its Clients. Although all these operations can be carried out within the platform, the purpose of Banexcoin being an Exchange offers different features than a personal cryptocurrency wallet.


Take into account the following:


  • The cryptocurrency reception address that Banexcoin provides you (where you receive your cryptocurrencies in Banexcoin), is different from the address used to send them; You must keep this in mind because if said reception or deposit address is used in a wrong way, the funds will not be credited to your Banexcoin Account or to the desired destination account, that is why you should always verify all the data before making any transaction on and off the platform.


  • Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals from and to a Banexcoin Account are subject to security mechanisms and procedures, therefore, it is necessary that as a client, you are aware, as we state in our "Terms and Conditions", that if you are operations are related to an external activity or direction that represents a risk alert, the funds involved will be subject to review, the department in charge of this work may take the time it deems necessary to carry out said analysis, this does not imply that we are responsible for the delays that may occur, or the loss or property damage that may be generated.


  • You will only be able to deposit into your Banexcoin account the cryptocurrencies accepted on the platform and that are displayed in the Wallets menu.