In Banexcoin you will be able to buy or sell your digital assets in a fast, reliable and safe way.


Banexcoin is the best option to enter this new digital economy, offering our clients multiple advantages, you can acquire cryptocurrencies in both Peruvian Soles and US Dollars and soon in other currencies. In addition, when operating on our platform you can enjoy the following advantages:

 Lower commissions:

Are you tired of paying high commissions for everything?

We have the best commissions in the market for you, we also do not charge commission on any of your deposits, whether in crypto, soles or dollars.

Learn more about fees and commissions by clicking here.

We process your deposits and withdrawals in record time

We are characterized by the responsibility and veracity in the processing of deposits and withdrawals, they are processed in minimum times, if it is about deposits in soles or dollars, once you create your deposit in your Banexcoin Account you will see in a few minutes the credited balance in the same, also in the case of retreats, even weekends and holidays! Remember that cryptocurrencies do not have a schedule, you can carry out operations at any time and any day.

Guaranteed security:

Banexcoin ensures the security of your assets as well as your personal information, our highly trained and specialized staff working on our high-tech systems help us maintain the excellent functioning of the platform and provide the security that all our clients seek.

Affiliate Program:

Banexcoin offers you a referral bonus program, with which you can invite your friends and you will enjoy a 10% bonus applied to the exchange commissions that Banexcoin applies to your guests.

The more referrals you have, the greater the bonus you will get!  

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 Banexcoin Transfer:

Banexcoin Transfer is a free service for all our customers with which we make it easy for all our users to send and receive cryptocurrencies between them within our platform totally FREE without any commission or waiting times.

Learn how to make your Banexcoin Transfer here.

Support 24/7/365

We are aware that any questions may arise at any time, that is why the business hours at Banexcoin are continuous, to ensure our clients a quick and effective response to their query.

For more information you can visit our center of support by clicking here

Personalized Attention

Our support team works to provide you with the best service on our platform, offering each client a personalized follow-up of their case and without waiting times.

Do you have any doubts? You can also contact us by email: [email protected] 

Banexcoin works to provide better service.