The intermediate customer level increase request is for Amateur customers who want to expand their limits to carry out operations for bigger amounts in Banexcoin and want to grow in the crypto world.


  • Have an Amateur Customer level

  • Full residence

  • Occupation

  • Work Center (if applicable)

Once I submit all my details, how long will it take for my Banexcoin account to level up?

We will check the information provided in the course of 60 to 180 minutes from the moment you have submitted your application, depending on the influx of applications that are queued to be processed, then we will notify you by email about your increase or if there is some incident in the verification process.

Take in mind the following when making a level-up request to avoid waiting longer than necessary:

  • If your level increase request is rejected for having erroneous data and it is requested again, you will have to wait an approximate time of 60 to 180 minutes from the moment you sent your request depending on the influx of requests that are in the queue to be processed.