2 Factors Authentication (2FA)

It is an access control method that provides a slightly higher level of security that only uses your password, allowing you to better protect your accounts.

In addition to the credentials or passwords generated through our platform, which are managed by the Client, and which are confirmed through email, as an additional security measure in Banexcoin it is necessary to use forms of multi-factor authentication, such as the two-factor (2FA), for which it is suggested to download the Google Authenticator application on your mobile device. (downloadable on Android or iOS).

Download here:



Although there are several applications that allow 2FA, it is recommended to use Google Authenticator and that is simple, fast and simple.

If you wish to try some other authentication tool that allows 2FA, you are always free to do so at your own risk

If you want to know how to activate it, you can click here to see the instructions.