If you want to buy cryptocurrencies in Banexcoin with Soles or American Dollars, you must first load money into your Banexcoin account, for this you must do the following:

First, you must login into your Banexcoin (You should always verify that the browser bar appears at the following address https://www.banexcoin.com/login).

Go to your wallet by clicking on the menu icon on the left of the page

Click on the deposit icon of the type of currency you want to use Soles or American Dollars (PEN / USD).

Select the destination account on the form to display the bank account details and deposit the funds following the given instructions in the bank of your choice, then you must press the "Next" button to continue the operation.

You should take into account for this that:

  • The instructions for completing the instructions are described on the right side of the form.

  • The deposit of the Fiat funds must be made by means of a Transfer to the Banexcoin account number that you lost under the instructions on the right side of the form when selecting the destination account and it is modified according to the bank you want to use.

  • Banexcoin does not accept third party or anonymous payments, cash deposits, the deposit of money must be made by means of a Bank transfer from your own account, not from a third party account.

Complete the fields of the form with the transfer information, upload the screenshot of your transfer receipt by clicking on the select file button (located under the heading upload proof of payment) and then pressing the button "Generate Deposit Ticket" to send your deposit information.

* You must upload the screenshot of your bank transfer showing the name of the account holder and the complete details of the transaction so that it can be validated. 

After that, you will receive an email with the information of your deposit indicating that the data has been sent successfully.

Once the deposit information has been sent Banexcoin will validate that the funds are available in the selected account and will proceed to pay the funds in the wallet of the currency in which the deposit was made if it meets the requirements, after which you will receive an email similar to the following:


  • Deposit Ticket information will be sent to you by email.
  •  Deposit of funds may take up to 2 business days and will be subject to operator review.
  • Banexcoin is not responsible for transfers of funds made by the Client to addresses of crypto assets not supported by the Platform, incompatible or with errors, regardless of whether they were deposits or withdrawals in any of the crypto assets as well as fiat currencies authorized by the  Platform and it will be the Customer's responsibility to provide it with accurate, accurate and true information regarding any activity that it performs within it, the user must read before the terms and conditions.