1. What is a client level?

The client level is the way the clients are classified in Banexcoin. This provides different kinds of benefits within the platform when making exchanges, deposits and withdrawals with different limits. The higher the level of Client, the higher the allowed limits of exchange, deposits and fiat withdrawals. All our clients must have an approved client level to be able to carry out operations.

2. Who can request an increase in the verification level? 

Any client registered on our platform can request an increase in Client Level. However, it is important to take the following  into consideration:

  • For Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced and Master level: The applicant must be a natural person.

  • For Corporate level: The requesting account must be from a legal entity and the registration must be carried out by its legal representative.

3What information is necessary to increase my client level?

To ask for a higher client level, some requirements are necessary. This will vary according to the level you want to obtain, discover them clicking the links below!

Requirements for Amateur Level

Requirements for Intermediate Level

Requirements for Advanced Level

Requirements for Master Level

4How do I make a request to increase my Client level in Banexcoin?

You have to log in Banexcoin Account and go to the Settings menu. Then, select the Client Level tab. After that, click on the START VERIFICATION button. The system will show you the form that you must complete with your information to request the Client Level increase. 

5. Once I complete my Client Level upgrade request, how long will the process take?

Banexcoin will verify the information provided, once this process is completed, you will be informed by email of any incident if necessary. Depending on the demand of requests, the process can take a maximum of 72 business hours.

Once you have reached your requested client level, you will be able to carry out all the operations that we have for you according to the following limits and benefits.