Exclusive level for Companies, Corporations, and institutions 

To perform both the registration of the Banexcoin Account as well as the level increase this must be done by the legal representative of the entity that is going to carry out operations in Banexcoin.


  1. Denomination or social reason. 
  2. Unique Taxpayer Registry (RUC) or equivalent tax registration number for non-domiciled in Peru.
  3. Corporate purpose, main economic activity or purpose of incorporation of the legal entity 
  4. Identification of shareholders, partners, or associates that have directly or indirectly more than 25% of the share capital, contribution, or participation of the legal entity and/or legal entity, considering the information required for natural persons, (must comply with the requirements requested for Initial level). In case of companies not incorporated in Peru, the passport of the shareholders is required, if they were these natural persons
  5.  Identification of the legal representatives considering the granting of the corresponding powers, as applicable. Copy of the passport in case of legal representatives of companies not incorporated in Peru
  6. Legal persons linked to the client and/or it is an economic group, if applicable.
  7. Address of the office or main place, where the activities of the business are carried out.
  8. Copy of the utility bill (electricity, telephone, water, municipal tax  payment receipt, bank statement generated by a bank or other similar documents)
  9.  Telephone numbers
  10. Contact person 
  11. Copy of the Constitution Act
  12. Excerpt from the registration or incorporation document of the company no longer than 3 months (only for companies not incorporated in Peru)
  13. The country where it was established
  14. Financial Statements
  15. Affidavit  of income tax for the last two years
  16. Submit documents that support the Origin of Funds, if applicable.

On I submit all my data, how long will it take to increase the level of my Banexcoin account?

Banexcoin must verify the information provided, once the process has been completed, you will be notified by registered email about it is increase or incidence in the verification process within a period not exceeding 72 business hours.

All documents must be submitted in Spanish, if not, they must be duly translated into this language, as well as legalized and apostilled in their country of origin if required in accordance with the following:

The documents must be certified by a notary public and apostilled, for companies constituted in:

1. Ireland
2. The Republic of Albania
3.Principality of Andorra
4. Antigua and Barbuda
5. Republic of Argentina
6. Republic of Armenia
7. The community of Australia
8. Republic of Austria
9. Republic of Azerbaijan
10. The community of Bahamas
11 Kingdom of Bahrain
12. Republic of Belarus
13. Barbados
14. Kingdom of Belgium
15. Belize
16. Bosnia and Herzegovina
17. Republic of Botswana
18. Federative Republic of Brazil
19. Brunei Darussalam / Brunei Nation, Residence of Peace
20 Republic of Bulgaria
21. Republic of Burundi
22. Republic of Macedonia
23. The Czech Republic
24. Republic of Chile
25. Kingdom of Denmark
26. The Dominican Republic
27. The community of
28. Republic of Ecuador
29. Republic of the Fiji Islands
30 Hellenic Republic
31. Grenada
32. Georgia
33. Republic of Honduras
34. Republic of India
35. Republic of Iceland
36. Kingdom of Spain
37. The Italian Republic
38. State of Israel
39. Japan
40. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
41. United States of America
42. Republic of Montenegro
43. Republic of Cape Verde
44. Republic of Kazakhstan
45. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
46. Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of 
47. Republic of Cyprus
48. The Kyrgyz Republic
49. Republic of Colombia
50. Republic of Korea

51. Republic of Costa Rica
52. The Republic of Croatia
53. Cook Islands
54. Republic of Poland
55. Kingdom of Lesotho
56. Republic of Liberia
57. Principality of Liechtenstein
58. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
59. Republic of Malawi
60. Republic of Malta
61. Kingdom of Morocco
62. Republic of the Marshall Islands
63. Republic of Mauritius
64. United States of Mexico
65. Principality of Monaco
66. Mongolia
67. Republic of Namibia
68. New Zealand
69. Republic of Nicaragua
70. Niue
71. Kingdom of Norway
72. Kingdom of the Netherlands
73. Sultanate of Oman
74. Republic of Panama
75. Republic of Paraguay
76. Republic of South Africa
77. The Portuguese Republic
78. The French Republic

79. Romania
80. Republic of El Salvador
81. Independent State of Samoa

82. Republic of San Marino

83. The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

84. Republic of Seychelles

85. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

86. Saint Lucia

87. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

88. Republic of Serbia

89. The Slovak Republic

90. Republic of Slovenia

91. Republic of Finland

92. Republic of Suriname

93. Kingdom of Eswatini

94. Kingdom of Sweden

95. Swiss Confederation

96. Republic of Tajikistan

97. Kingdom of Tonga

98. Republic of Turkey

99. Oriental Republic of Uruguay

100. Republic of Uzbekistan

101. Republic of Vanuatu

102. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

103. Hungary

104. The Federal Republic of Germany.

The documents of the companies constituted in the rest of the countries (which are not included in the Hague Convention and are not mentioned above), must be legalized and certified by a notary public.