If you want to make a payment, mobilize your funds or simply transfer your cryptocurrencies to another wallet of your choice, you can withdraw cryptocurrencies safely and very easily.

For this, you must first click on the "withdraw" option from the main menu that you can see on the left

Then you will see the withdrawal menu where you must select the currency you want to withdraw by clicking on it.



You will need to enter a network compatible withdrawal address, the amount in the currency you want to withdraw and then click next button.

After having pressed the "next" button, a confirmation screen will be displayed in which you must verify the data and then press the "confirm" button

You must enter the 2FA code that your Google Authenticator app gives you and enter the code in the corresponding boxes

Then the following screen will appear indicating that you must enter the email address registered with Banexcoin to confirm the operation.

Then the system will automatically send you an email to your Banexcoin registered email, which you must confirm so that your transaction can be processed.

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We have created a Gif for you where you can see the step by step of how to withdraw your cryptocurrencies from your Banexcoin account 

 Once the cryptocurrency network confirms your transaction, you will be able to see the balance reflected in the destination address.

Advice: Keep in mind that due to the nature of cryptocurrencies and that once a transfer has been made it cannot be cancelled, Banexcoin is not responsible for fund transfers made by the Client to cryptocurrency addresses not supported by the Platform, incompatible or with errors, regardless of whether they are deposits or withdrawals, as stipulated in our terms and Conditions