Free request or send funds to another Exchange customer:

Banexcoin Transfer is the instant and free way to send and receive cryptocurrencies to any email, what do you need? only have your Banexcoin account verified and the email of the person who receives (or who you request) the funds, without commissions or waiting times the cryptocurrencies will be sent (or requested) to the email registered in Banexcoin and if it is not registered, will be sent an invitation to register and use them.

For example, to request bitcoin funds to another user in Banexcoin is very simple, you just:

Log into your Banexcoin account and go to your wallet by clicking on the icon Imagen que contiene dibujo

Descripción generada automáticamente on the left of the page

Click on the receive  or send  icon as appropriate.

Click the Banexcoin Transfer button, and carefully fill in the recipient's email fields and the amount of bitcoin to send, if you think necessary, put a note about the operation, then click the send button to finish the transaction.

Remember you only need the email of the recipient of the Banexcoin Transfer you do not need anything else, so it is very important that you write it well at the time it is requested, Banexcoin Transfer has no cost you can send or receive cryptocurrencies using this service without commissions, is a benefit for all our customers.

  • In case the recipient's email is not from a Banexcoin customer, they will receive a request to register and open an account on the platform.


Note.- Banexcoin is not responsible for funds transfers made by the Client to cryptocurrencies addresses not supported by the Platform, incompatible or with errors, regardless of whether they are deposits or withdrawals in any of the crypto assets, it is recommended to read the terms and conditions.