If you want to deposit or withdraw Fiat money (Soles or Dollars) from Banexcoin you must add a bank account of any entity that is registered in your name.

Important: Banexcoin does not accept transfers from third-party accounts or joint accounts, likewise, deposits from company accounts are not accepted (deposits from and withdrawals to business bank accounts will only be accepted if the customer has an account in Banexcoin as a legal person ). Any Banexcoin customer who wants to load balance (or make a withdrawal) to (or from) their Banexcoin account must do so from a bank account they own.

When entering the Banexcoin page, go to the menu on the rigth side of the screen or click on the icon Settings which is in the upper right part of the platform.

  • Then click on the button that says "My bank account" at the top of the screen and then click on "add bank account" at the bottom of the screen

  • The following options will appear on the screen, you must select the country corresponding to the bank account. 

  • Please complete correctly all the fields that appear on the screen. 

Information needed to add a bank account in Peru

- Add the alias you want to that account, for example: "My account"

- Type of currency (USD, PEN)

- Bank of origin

- Bank's square (Metropolitan Lima , Callao, other)

- Type of account (current or savings) 

- Account number for transactions from the same bank 

- Interbank account number for accounts in different banks.

  • Confirm that the account you have indicated is personal (owned by you) and that the bank square you have selected is the correct one.


  • Then, click on "Save and send

  • The page will send you the message that your information has been successfully saved at the top of the screen.

You will be able to view your bank account in the  "My bank accountssection, only if you have carried out the process correctly.


¡In this way you can start using your bank account to carry out operations with Fiat money in Banexcoin!