To request an increase in the level of a customer is necessary to accomplish the requirements that are needed and do the process of request the level of the customer on the page.

For this you must log in to your Banexcoin account then go to the "Settings Menu" and click the "Start Verification" button to start the level increase request process.

You will be able to see the following screen where you will find information about your current customer level and the levels at which you can request the increase, in the example you will see below you will see how to request the increase to the beginner level, for this you must click on the button "INCREASE TO BEGINNER LEVEL" and follow the instructions below.

Beginner Level

After clicking on the "Increase to Beginner Level" button, you will see a form that will be displayed on your screen and you must complete all the fields. For this level, the form consists of three tabs, the first of which corresponds to personal information.

 The second tab consists of the billing information.

The third of the tabs consists of the information of the identification documents including the requirement to upload the photo of the ID (DNI for Peruvian citizens, Passport for non-Peruvian citizens) and a identity confirmation photo following the instructions described therein.

After you have completed all the necessary fields of the 3 tabs you should go to the send button located at the bottom of the form to upload your data to the platform, and in a maximum of 72 hours, you will be contacted via email to inform the status of your request.

If you have successfully completed your level increase request process, including all the necessary requirements, you will receive an email indicating that your level increase has been approved.

In case of requesting the increase in the level of Intermediate client or teacher, the platform will activate tabs referring to these levels that will require you to attach complementary information for the KYC process.

Intermediate Level

Master Level 

Corporate Level

The corporate level is aimed at companies and the requirement is somewhat higher at the time of performing the KYC process, so you must complete a different form where documents that reflect the legal and administrative aspects of the company must be attached.


Upon obtaining your level increase you will be able to start operating on the Banexcoin platform and count on the Benefits that it offers you to expand your economic opportunities.