To credit fiat funds (Soles or Dollars) to your Banexcoin Account, you must transfer these from a bank account owned by you to the account that Banexcoin indicates at the time of deposit within the platform, once this is done, Banexcoin will verify the information provided and accredit funds to your Banexcoin Account wallet.


Note: As this is an operation that depends on the banking network, the times are subject to its operating times, always taking into account whether the deposit is made between banks located in Peru or in the rest of the world.

Approximate confirmation times are shown as execution times may vary depending on network conditions. please note that the estimated time is the time in which the funds in your Banexcoin account are expected to be available and assume that your transaction has been confirmed in the first block after the transaction is sent. If your transaction was not confirmed in the first possible block, then it may take much longer depending on the network conditions at that time.

** This operation must be carried out by the holder of the Banexcoin Account to which the funds are directed and he must first assume the commissions made by the bank for the execution of the transfer and under no circumstances may they be transferred to Banexcoin, otherwise, this operation will be reversed deducting the associated charges

*** Additional commissions may be applied by the Bank to perform this operation.

For more information you can consult the article on Fees and Commissions by clicking here.