Privacy Policy


    1. Object of the Privacy policy.

This policy (hereinafter “Privacy Policy”) is intended to regulate the use within Banexcoin and in the relationship with third parties of personal data held by the Company. Personal data means any information about a natural person that identifies or makes it identifiable through means that can be reasonably used. It is expressly clarified that the Platform does not process or collect sensitive data, such as related to ethnicity, religious beliefs, political or union affiliation. Banexcoin collects data with the sole purpose of complying with its contractual obligations and labor, pension and tax laws and doing all the activities that have as its objective the fulfillment of the corporate purpose, including human resources activities.


Once the Platform no longer needs to keep your personal data for the purpose for which they were collected or to comply with legal obligations, it undertakes to remove them from its records and destroy them after a period of 2 years and can be used if necessary for the opening of research or other sensitive event after the closure of the Banexcoin account.


    2. Applicable regulations.

For the purposes of this Policy, all the provisions and definitions of the Personal Data Protection Law and its respective Regulations (as a whole “Personal Data Regulations”) shall be taken into account.


    3. Principles of personal data protection.

Personal data held by Banexcoin will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Regulations. The Platform has registered with the competent Authority, as the holder of the personal data bank of its Customers and keeps its records updated.


    4. Security and Confidentiality of personal data.

Banexcoin undertakes to treat confidentially the personal data it possesses and will adopt the necessary security measures to protect this data in accordance with the legal provisions.


    5. International transfer of personal data.

Banexcoin will only transfer the personal data in its possession to jurisdictions that possess an adequate level of protection of personal data and undertakes to sign an international data transfer contract, following the model international data transfer contract.


Although Banexcoin does not plan to do so, when personal data needs to be transferred to jurisdictions that do not have similar or adequate personal data protection regulations, Banexcoin will obtain the express consent of the owners to make it happen and will take the necessary measures via contractual to ensure that your personal data is treated with the same level of protection as established by the Personal Data Regulations. The data protection rights set forth in this Privacy Policy will continue to be applicable to that data, regardless of the jurisdiction in which they are located.


    6. Marketing

In addition to the object described in point No. 1 of this section, Banexcoin, may process your personal data in order to manage the subscription request for a newsletter and send promotions. For this reason you authorize Banexcoin S.A. so that: (i) Banexcoin S.A. Perform data processing to manage Customer lists, conduct market studies, carry out advertising and commercial prospecting actions, offer commercial promotions, statistical or historical purposes, electronic commerce, send (via physical, electronic or telephone means) advertising, gifts , information on offers and/or promotions (customized or general) of products and/or services; and, (ii) Banexcoin transfers its data to specialized companies to carry out for themselves, the treatments indicated in the preceding item (i) (it should be noted that some of these companies have computer servers located outside Peru, so an international data transfer will occur). Your personal data will only be used for limited purposes, as set forth above.


    7. Provision of data processing services on behalf of third parties.

If Banexcoin decides to carry out outsourcing operations, that is, to contract with third parties to provide their personal data processing services collected through the Platform, then it will force the suppliers to fully comply with the applicable legal provisions.


    8. Rights of the holders of personal data.

The holders of personal data have the right of access, information, rectification, update, inclusion, opposition, objective treatment and deletion of their personal data, which they can exercise by contacting the Data Protection Officer within the Platform. For this, they must prove their identity reliably by displaying their Personal Document. Likewise, if a third party requests a request for access or correction to your personal data, you will be asked to prove the representation or the necessary powers in accordance with the applicable laws, either in case of kinship when it comes to the death of the holder of the personal data, or a court order that justifies the request, among others. Banexcoin will have a period of twenty (20) days to respond to the request counted from the date on which the owner of the data reliably notifies it. In the event that the data were incorrect, Banexcoin undertakes to block access to them until rectification occurs, or update thereof and is subject to the Personal Data Regulations.


The exercise of these rights will be free if it is executed once every six months in the same calendar year. In the event that the owner of the data decides to exercise it more frequently, Banexcoin may establish a charge that does not exceed US $ 50 or its equivalent in PEN for each request.


    9. Data Protection Officer.

Banexcoin designates the Data Protection Officer, the holders of Data for the exercise of their rights should contact you via email [email protected]. Likewise, any data owner, whether employed by the company or third party, may contact you to clarify any questions you may have regarding this policy, or the content and exercise of your rights. The Data Protection Officer in case of for the fulfillment of this task. The position of Data Protection Officer is for an indeterminate period; Nevertheless, Banexcoin reserves the right to change the Manager, at any time and without the need to express any cause.


    10. Incident notification.

Banexcoin informs its employees that, if they become aware of a violation of the privacy or confidentiality rules, they must immediately notify the Data Protection Officer and if they become aware of a security incident, they must immediately inform the specialized team according to the Security Document and the Data Protection Officer, so that Banexcoin adopts the measures of the case. Regardless, Banexcoin will carry out periodic audits to verify compliance with this policy, for which it will not need to notify previously those employees who have access to the databases.


In case of noncompliance with the terms of this policy, the disciplinary measures provided by the current labor laws may be taken.


If you have any concerns, as well as any suggestions regarding our Policies, and your rights and obligations detached from them, or any other section of write to us at [email protected]

Cookies Policy


In Banexcoin we use cookies to make our website faster and more efficient allowing us to provide you with a quality service, which is why we want to provide you with more information:


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files located in the browser directory of your computer or mobile device. When you visit a website, information is sent to the browser that then creates the cookie. Every time you visit the same website again, it accesses the information stored in the cookie.


What are cookies for? Cookies are used for several reasons:


  • They help our website remember your preferences
  • Help improve information search functionality
  • They help monitor website performance


Some cookies are essential to allow the website to function properly. Banexcoin uses the information collected from cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of our Site, analyze trends and administer the Platform. The information collected from cookies allows us to determine things like which parts of our Site are the most visited and the difficulties that our visitors may have to access our Site. From time to time, we will conduct tests on our website to see how our visitors respond to different design elements.


Cookies also allow us to track our analysis of the website. It is of great importance for us to know how many visitors we receive, where they are visiting, what are the most popular pages, and what time of day has the greatest or least number of visitors.

Security Policies


For the security of the Customer, it is necessary that you use some method of authentication of multiple factors (at least two forms of authentication), this to access your Banexcoin Account and perform operations on the Platform. In no case will Banexcoin be responsible for the given use of the forms of authentication by the Customer or by any third party. The Customer guarantees that he has taken the respective security practices when accessing the Platform, Banexcoin is not responsible for the Customer being a victim of Phishing, neglecting their access keys, providing them to third parties or any other type of negligence incurred by him, nor will he be responsible, in any case, for acts of third parties that affect the internet connection, the Banexcoin computer platform or the acts or form of authentication chosen by the Customer, or for any similar acts or events, of which the Customer releases to Banexcoin, on any evident fact that could correspond to him by this concept.


In addition to the credentials or passwords generated through our platform, which the Customer manages, and which are confirmed through email or cellular text messaging service (SMS), as an additional security measure Banexcoin recommends the use of forms of authentication of multiple factors, such as two factors (2FA), for which it is suggested to download the Google Authenticator application (downloadable on Android or iOS). However, Banexcoin declares that it does not assume any responsibility for the correct operation of said application and in the event that the Customer decides to install it on a device (for example, phone or tablet), it does so at its own risk and responsibility. Banexcoin will not be responsible for the leakage or loss of funds or information, as a result of the use of a 2FA application on a device whose operating system has been altered by Jailbreak (iOS) or Root (Android).


At all times it is the responsibility of the Customer to maintain the integrity of their data and protected personal information, not to share or provide their identification data to third parties, as well as to ensure that when using the Platform, they enter their data or credentials at the secure address https: // The official Banexcoin site has an EV SSL certificate which allows to assure the Customer that he is in the right place, the certificate can be seen as a green box in the upper left corner of his browser, with a small padlock. Therefore, access to the official Banexcoin site is the responsibility of the Customer, without Banexcoin being responsible for, or can assure, that the site is secure. It is recommended that the Customer keep the passwords of the multi-factor authentication methods confidential and in different locations. The Customer also accepts that it is his responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of his credentials, passwords and means of authentication. Banexcoin cannot be responsible for the leakage or loss of either information or funds derived from lack or any error in confidentiality by the Customer or any other act or fact, of any nature, attributable to the Customer.


In the case of loss / loss of the credentials of access to the Platform by the Customer, the recovery process of the Customer code or password will only be carried out through the steps that Banexcoin has designated for this, taking into account the highest standards of security. This process can only be initiated by the Customer and never by Banexcoin. Banexcoin will never ask any Customer, under any circumstances and by any means (mail, email, social networks, telephone, SMS, etc.) to reveal the credentials you use to access your Banexcoin account. The Customer will not provide his access credentials to the Platform to another person under any circumstances. Banexcoin, however, may have access to the Customer in the cases and circumstances provided in these Terms.


Banexcoin understands as valid all the operations that the Customer performs after having logged into his account, stating, but not limiting, for example, purchase or sale positions, transfers or any use of the services provided on the Platform. Through these Terms, the Customer accepts that he is responsible for his actions related to the Platform and is bound, without any responsibility for Banexcoin, with the obligations acquired for payment or delivery or the charges or losses that may arise as a result of, or in relation with, a posture or transfer that is made in the Platform through your Banexcoin Account through the use of the login credentials, as well as the authentication processes that could be associated. Only by accessing the Banexcoin site and ordering or celebrating any operation in terms of it (even if a third party makes inappropriate use of the Platform on behalf of the Customer), the Customer undertakes to respond to the obligations that are attributable or incurred, referring to these Terms. The Customer will assume by means of patrimonial responsibility by any of his obligations referring to these Terms. In this sense, Banexcoin reserves the shares, either equity or legal, in the exercise of its rights in case of any damage generated by the Customer.


It is the Customer's responsibility to notify Banexcoin if they believe or suspect at any time that their account or credentials may have been compromised, or if a third party is acting on their own with or without their authorization, for which they must notify email [email protected] In addition, the Customer undertakes to take all necessary measures or provide the required information requested by Banexcoin in relation to any of the aforementioned actions.

Implied Risks

There may be additional risks that we have not foreseen or identified in our Terms of  Use. The Customer must consider that the cryptocurrency trade is an activity that entails risks from the point of view of their own finances, since it is probably susceptible to bubbles or loss of confidence, this could cause the demand to collapse in relation to the supply, affecting its price in a very noticeable way. Cryptocurrency confidence is subject to variations in markets directly related to volumes and volatility due to the supply and demand of the actors participating in these instruments, which in turn are subject to the jurisdictions in which they operate. , to limitations or actions of any government or legal entity where the crypto market works, or to unexpected changes implemented by software developers, crypto equipment or others. Confidence could also be affected due to technical or fundamental problems. That is why we recommend that our Customers evaluate their financial situation thoroughly and evaluate and assess the levels of risk they may face when exchanging (buying or selling) crypto assets.

Specific Policies for users

Phishing is the act of sending an email to an user posing as an established and legitimate company in an attempt to scam the customer into handing over confidential information to be used for identity theft, compromise of bank accounts and / or wallets of cryptocurrencies.

We never request personal information via email and / or calls Banexcoin wants our customers to know that we will NEVER ask for personal information such as national identification document numbers, credit cards, bank accounts and / or cryptocurrency wallets.

If you ever receive an email and / or call allegedly from Banexcoin requesting this type of information, DO NOT RESPOND and notify us immediately.