Before logging in, remember that your email address must be confirmed, click here to learn about the process.


If you have tried to log in and you have a problem that does not allow you to access your account, we recommend you read the possible reasons by clicking here

Next, we will tell you how to log in to the Banexcoin platform correctly:


1.- Enter our website through the following link:  



2.- The following screen will appear, in which you must click on “Login”   




3.- Then, enter your username or email and yourpassword in the corresponding fields. 



4.- Enter the 2FA code in the corresponding fields, which you can find in the Google Authenticator application on your mobile.

We think this gif could help you! 


You will be able to see the login process step by step.



In the event that you cannot log in, you should check this:


  • Please note that an account activation email has been sent automatically after registration, for this to be confirmed you must go to your email inbox and click Activate My Account before logging in for the first time..

  • You must use the password that you have previously created for your account, if you do not remember it, you can restore it by following the instructions that you can see by clicking here

  • Verify that your Internet connection works without problems before trying again.

  • Clear the browser cache. For that you just have to go to the page and press Ctrl+Shift+R, or use a different browser, since there may be a problem with it. 

  • If you have previously entered your account but this time you have not succeeded, verify that your 2FA is correct, that is, if you have more than one code in your Google Authenticator app, make sure that you are entering your code corresponding to your Banexcoin account. In addition to this, the code is dynamic, and it changes constantly for security reasons. 

In this help guide, you can find default queries for your situation and/or problem, just click on it so you can follow the steps and solve it.


If you do not identify your situation and/or inconvenience, contact us through our service channels: 

  Our live chat will allow you to communicate with us and help you solve your queries and/or doubts online.  

  Our mailbox, contact us by [email protected], or generate a query through a support ticket, through the form click here.


These channels are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Guaranteeing you a personalized and fast attention, in order to help you at any time!