How can I receive cryptocurrencies in Banexcoin?

Log in Banexcoin and go to your wallet by clicking on the menu icon Imagen que contiene dibujo

Descripción generada automáticamente on the left of the page.

Click the receive iconof the selected cryptocurrency, we will use bitcoin (BTC) as an example.

Then select the way in which you want to receive the funds, it can be through Banexcoin Transfer (free and immediate) or through an External Wallet.

For this example we will use the External Wallet tab; this option shows a Bitcoin address generated by Banexcoin through which the funds can be received in your Wallet, you can give the address that the system generates to your contacts so that they send you funds or transfer them to it from any exchange or wallet external to Banexcoin, you can have as many addresses as you want or manage a single address to handle all your deposits.

Scan the QR code or copy the address below and use it to indicate the destination of the funds.

When the transfer is made the balance of your account will be automatically updated once the cryptocurrency network confirms your transaction. Confirmation can take up to 1 hour depending on the selected cryptocurrency.

After the total number of necessary confirmations in the blockchain are completed, the funds will be reflected in your Banexcoin Account and you will be able to use them to carry out your operations.

  • In the case of BTC, 3 confirmations are necessary in the Bitcoin Blockchain network so that the funds from your deposit can be reflected in your account.
  • In the case of USDC, 128 confirmations are necessary in the Ethereum Blockchain network so that the funds from your deposit can be reflected in your account.

Note.- Banexcoin is not responsible for funds transfers made by the Client to cryptocurrencies addresses not supported by the Platform, incompatible or with errors, regardless of whether they are deposits or withdrawals in any of the cryptocurrencies, it is recommended to read the terms and conditions.