Corporate level

To obtain the increase in the level of Corporate client on the platform, it is necessary to carry out the application process through your Banexcoin account and meet certain requirements.

To do this, log into your Banexcoin account and click on the "Start verification" button in the "Corporate Level" box to start the level increase request process.

You will be able to see the following screen where you will find information about your current client level and the levels at which you can request the increase, in the example that you will see below you will see how to request the increase at a beginner level, for this you must click on the button " Increase to Corporate Level "and follow the instructions that you will see below.

Add Corporate Data

After having clicked on the "Increase to Corporate Level" button you will be able to see a form that will be displayed on your screen and you must complete all the fields, for this level the form consists of three tabs, the first of which corresponds to data from the company to register.

The second tab consists of the information referring to the contact person of the company, it is generally added as a contact to the general manager of the company, although it can also be someone else designated by the company for this.

The corporate level is a level specially designed for companies, for which a form must be completed where documents that reflect the legal and administrative aspect of the company must be attached.

Note: Documents must be uploaded individually as requested including all sheets in a single file with .PDF format.

- You can download the source of funds affidavit format by clicking here.

Add Legal Representative

After having completed the corporate data, you must proceed to attach a legal representative in it, generally the General Manager of the company is included as legal representative, although it may also be another manager appointed to it, for which you must click on the button add legal representative located at the bottom of the page.

Add Partners or Shareholders

Then it is necessary to add the partners or companies with a shareholding equal to or greater than 25%

After having completed all the necessary fields and added both the legal representative and the partners or shareholders with a percentage of 25% or more of the company's shareholding, you should go to the "Send" button, located at the top of the form, and click on it to complete the request, in a maximum of 72 hours you will be contacted via email to report the status of your request.

If you have carried out your level increase request process successfully, including all the necessary requirements correctly and our analysis and validation procedure of your information does not show any inconvenience then you will receive an email indicating that your level increase has been approved, Verification of your application may take approximately 72 hours or more.

Once you have reached the client level, you can start trading in Banexcoin.