Next, we indicate how to make the Purchase of cryptocurrencies in Banexcoin. It is very simple!, you just must take in mind the following steps: 

When entering your Banexcoin account, you will see the following screen:


1.- Click on the option Buy and Sell, which you will find in the menu, at the top left of the screen. 


2.- Then you must click on Buy and select the pair with which you are going to operate. 



When carrying out the exchange operation, please verify the following: 


  • Amount to send and the amount to receive (You can enter the default percentage, or you can write the exact amount you want) 

  • Type of currency 

  • Amount or price in which you are buying 

  • Commission for exchange (Maker-Taker Commissions)  

  • Total amount to receive 

3.- Then, press the button "To exchange" (the asset could be different to this example due to the previous selection of the assets that you have made) to proceed with the exchange: 

    Note: For detailed information about the minimum purchase and sale amounts, we recommend reviewing our Fees and Commissions article. You can also find this information by clicking here. Additionally, you can contact our customer service team for any further inquiries.


4.- Verify the details of the transaction on the confirmation screen. Thenclick on the "Go to my orders" button 







You can see your updated balance in the section wallets, in the wallet corresponding to the coin you have obtained. 

We have created a gif for you so you can see the step by step of how to buy cryptocurrencies with Fiat currency

You see it? Too easy! You can also contact us by email: [email protected] 

At Banexcoin we work to provide better service! 

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  • Once the purchase is made, it will not be possible to cancel or reverse the operation after being confirmed.  

  • The price for which you have made the transaction fluctuates depending on the behavior of the market, that is, if you take longer than it should to confirm the operation, an error message may appear. In that case, you will have to refresh the platform and perform the process again.  

  • When you are carrying out the operation, check your available balance. 
  • Verify the type of transaction (purchase or sale) you are making before confirming.