In Banexcoin you can make deposits, buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies quickly, withdraw your money via transfer to your own Bank account in Peruvian Soles or American Dollars.

For this you only have to complete a few steps that will allow you to maintain your Banexcoin Account:

1.- Sign up!

Registering on our platform is very easy!

Go to , click on the "Register" button and complete the registration form correctly, click here to see registration instructions here.  

Once registered on our platform, you must confirm your email address, you will receive an email, then you can log in.

2.- Protect your account by activating 2FA

Activate your two-factor authentication, increasing its security level.

If you want more information about two-factor authentication, you can get it by clicking here.

To obtain information about how to activate 2FA in Banexcoin you can obtain it by clicking here.

3.- Verify your customer level

Request your level increase in Banexcoin, in this way you can start performing operations on the platform easily, quickly and safely.

Upon obtaining your level increase, you will be able to start trading in Banexcoin according to its limits.

4.- Limits and Benefits of Banexcoin

The platform has a level system which is the way in which customers are classified in Banexcoin and depending on the Level reached, different benefits will be granted when making exchanges, deposits or withdrawals; the higher the Customer Level, the higher the limits allowedfor using the platform.

In Banexcoin as you increase your client level, your limits and benefits will increase, if you want to know the limits in more detail, we invite you to know them  by clicking here.

5.- Add a Bank Account

If you want to deposit or withdraw fiat money in Banexcoin, it is necessary that you add a bank account, it must be registered in your name in any bank. 

To add a Banexcoin bank account for future deposits and withdrawals click  here 

By completing all these steps, you will be able to start operating on our platform

 Banexcoin welcomes you to the new digital economy!