On the Banexcoin platform, you can buy bitcoins quickly and safely. For this, your Banexcoin Account must have a balance in Fiat (Soles or US Dollars - See how I deposit) or in other Cryptocurrencies to make the exchange.


It is very simple, first enter your Banexcoin Account and click on the Buy & Sell menu


Then you must click Buy and select the pair this is the type of Fiat currency you want to buy with and the Cryptocurrency to buy (Bitcoin / Peruvian Sol, Bitcoin / US Dollars). In this example we will buy bitcoins with soles (PEN).



Select the Quantity to buy (you can do it in the predetermined amounts or by filling in the field to indicate a specific amount, consider that the minimum amount for the purchase of USD 10 ó S/. 45) and then:





When you click on BUY BITCOIN WITH PERUVIAN SOL, you will automatically see a confirmation screen of that order that tells you the details of it, after verifying that all the data is correct you must click on confirm purchase order.



Once the order is confirmed, it will be executed by crediting the amount of bitcoin (BTC) resulting from the purchase to your Banexcoin Account, you can view your bitcoins in the Wallet menu.